Our home tutorial service proves to be convenient for most pupils. They no longer need to travel to take tutorial classes which saves their time and energy. Our tutors conduct tutoring sessions in the comfort of your home. Within the comfortable boundaries of your home, your child can concentrate on the studies in the best way with minimal distractions. We have competent teachers who can handle multiple (British, American curriculum) syllabuses.

We all are aware of the importance of a brilliant academic career. At each point in our lives, our skills need sharpening for further improvement. Our HomeTuition comes forward with a philosophy of gearing up for the future. A good and inspiring tutor has a great role to play in shaping the future of your child. We, as SKY AA. Home Tuition go an extra mile to end your search for such a tutor- a tutor who would deliver tutorial sessions for your child within the comfortable boundaries of your home. SKY AA. Home  Tuition has been delivering quality services for few years now and is expecting to broaden its range for better. Our services have attracted both tutors and parents to a great extent.


We conduct 4 days classes of 1-2 hour(s) duration per week. The pace of teaching of our tutors is synchronized with your child’s learning capacity. We take due care not to overburden your child by teaching too much in one session. SKY AA. is currently offering monthly, Half-Yearly and Quarterly home tuition packages.


  • Creche To Grade One: 400gh
  • Grade To Grade Six: 500gh
  • JHS One To SHS Three: 600gh


Your child’s academic improvement is our priority. Home tuition comes with so many enormous benefits. First of it is that, most contents taught or communicated to the child for the first time does not stick better until it is reinforced. The psychologists suggest that the best way to make something stick better in the mind is to give it a better meaning or deeper understanding. This is because the human mind tends to keep things it understands and easily forgets things it interprets to be difficult and unpalatable.

Besides, excellence usually comes for those who go the extra mile. Our research shows that children who usually stay on top of the competition go the extra mile to make time for extra tuition and learning. This is to say excellence in the child’s educational cycle mostly begins with how well he/she has been prepared and psyched up right from the start. Most students need private tuition to help them to prepare thoroughly for internal and external exams. Abraham Lincoln captures it this way, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Research also indicates that children who study with the help of home tutors understand topics from a broader perspective and also perform better in exams than those without home tutors.

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