We pride ourselves as being organisational Champs. We help you develop the skills and knowledge of your employees which relates to their specific and useful competencies. This, we are able to achieve by mapping out the training needs of your employees, aligned with the specific goals of the organisation, aimed at improving their capability, productivity and performance. The package we offer has the flexibility of budget, content and duration.


It is the responsibility of every organisation to train its workforce to help in their skill-building. As part of our training services, we organise public seminars for companies who wish to train just a hand full of their employees. The seminars are held in our conference room or an agreed location, which provides the opportunity for people of the same target group from different companies to interact among themselves while improving upon their skills.


As organisational needs, personnel and other corporate issues vary for most companies, there are multiple ways to handle them depending on the expected results. With this in mind, we offer high impact training on the premises of the client, or at their preferred venue. A customized programme is designed just the way you want it in consultation with a designated Resource Person.


One of our strong tools in management training is the use of management videos. We realized that many of the training videos used in training sessions were foreign, thus making it quite cumbersome for the trainees to relate. Identifying this gap with management training in Ghana, we developed videos which portrayed scenarios typical of the Ghanaian work environment and attitudes and they act as a very effective way of correcting behaviour.


We charge 10% on the salary of the employees for a period of five months . With regards to some of the services provided by the agency, fees will be based on negotiations between the agency and the client.

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